Why Am I Here and Not Over Over Over There

..."When the child was a child,
It was the time for these questions:
Why am I me, and why not you?
Why am I here, and why not there?
When did time begin, and where does space end?
Is life under the sun not just a dream?
Is what I see and hear and smell
not just an illusion of a world before the world?"...

Peter Handke, "Lied Vom Kindsein":

"Why Am I Here And Not Over Over Over There" features an essay and poetries as a means of exchanging dialogues over the intangible complexes of memory.

The photobook was printed in November 2021 aftera successful crowdfunding campaign that ended in Summer 2021.

"Why Am I Here And Not Over Over Over There" enquires about the themes of dispersal and Fernweh; it's shot on different media: film, digital and mobile.
It contains photographs from a span of ten years.

The project started as a quest to give shape and configuration to a state of dis-belonging through an atmospheric immersion, a visual journey through the juxtaposition of disjointed places I have called or attempted to call, home.